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Advanced Chiropractic (Functional) Neurology at Audren Chiropractic Wellness Centre

A Passion for Healing

Dr. Audren with patient AidenAt Audren Chiropractic Wellness Centre, Dr. Corissa Audren has completed more than 1950+ hours of extensive training in clinical neuroscience (functional neurology) primarily with the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies and with Dr. Carrick.

Through this training, Dr. Audren has gained experience in Clinical Neuroscience Application Education learning how to help patients with neurological and traumatic brain injuries heal and rehabilitate.

Dr. Audren, with the assistance of Dr. Kurkurin (AZ), pioneered the introduction of advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation techniques into the Medicine Hat area and the response to them has been rewarding. In fact, one patient’s results were so remarkable that they were accepted for publication in a special edition of the European Society of Medicine, “Trends and Innovations in Neurology and Neuroscience.”

Medicine Hat Complex Neurological Cases

Clinical Neuroscience Applications can offer hope to patients coping with traumatic brain injuries. Patients with even the most complicated or extreme cases are welcome to come from near and far to take advantage of our Medicine Hat Clinical Neuroscience program.

What Our Patients Say About This Treatment


After suffering a severe concussion, I began treatments elsewhere which resulted in an eventual decline of progress and a lot of dismissal of my concerns. After voicing those concerns and eventually having my vision and overall symptoms decline, I was desperate to find someone who could help. Dr. Audren was recommended to me by multiple people who had dealt with similar situations. Dr. Audren is extremely knowledgeable and specifically trained in concussion treatment. She provided me with information I did not receive elsewhere and really took time to help me understand my concussion symptoms.

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Her concussion treatment program is like no other and started to provide me with results I never expected I would experience. I eventually became headache free because of her specific plan that she developed personally for me. No concussion is the same amongst people and she ensures that it is properly managed based on the individual. She truly cares and takes the time to develop and provide you with the best care plan possible. Anyone I now meet who is experiencing post concussion symptoms I direct to her as I know she will 100% help with her unique treatment program.

- A.S.

Concussion Hockey (Multiple) – Teen

We have been very fortunate to have Dr Audren take on our son as a patient for his concussion recovery. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has been absolutely amazing in helping him recover. From initial testing, and through intensive recovery sessions, she has communicated with our son (and us as well, living far away, through telephone calls and session email updates) every step of the way, she is honest and has built up incredible trust with our son. It has been amazing to see the progress he has made from just seeing Dr Audren.

Concussion – Car Accident (MVA)

Post-Concussion Syndrome from a motor vehicle accident led to additional medical challenges including essential tremors, internal head tremors, eye tracking challenges and balance issues. In short, a wreck made me a wreck.
Most days were spent lying in bed just trying to cope. Traditional options and teams of individuals from other organizations (both in private and public health care settings) attempted to try and help, but I quickly realized that their efforts to make me better had the opposite effect in most cases. I was losing hope.

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At the recommendation of two separate people and months after my MVA, I met with Dr. Audren for an initial consultation expecting much of the same. After the initial paperwork and assessments were completed, we had the first chiropractic and concussion rehab appointments. To my surprise and even after the first appointment I noticed a big difference.
Fast forward two years, and I am still having routine appointments due to the severity of my MVA, but I would not trade the care, attention, experience, training, and a far superior understanding of my injuries to anyone else.

The burden of the effects of the MVA with relation to my injuries are decreasing which is increasing quality of life and has given back to me precious time I now have with my family because of her work. Ever so steadily, I am getting stronger. Dr. Audren has given my life back and I have hope once again.
Superhero’s come in many forms, but never would I have thought that one would come in the form of a chiropractor.
When you realize you have a world class health care practitioner right here in Medicine Hat with Dr. Audren and her staff, your search to other centers like Calgary or Edmonton or across the border to the United States no longer needs to happen.
I am forever grateful for Dr. Audren.


Vestibular Migraines

While sitting in Dr. Audren’s office I noticed she offered Vestibular Rehabilitation. I told her of my lengthy journey to find the cause and seek treatment for persistent headaches, brain fog, dizziness, and nausea. Earlier this year I had seen a Neurologist and was diagnosed as having “Migraine Brain”. The cause was likely undiagnosed concussions and brain injury from a recent fall and previous car crash. She recommended I undertake “Vestibular Rehabilitation” and explained how it works and what to expect.

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After four weeks with Dr. Audren I have begun to experience some relief from my symptoms. I learned that many of my previous headaches were migraines but not of the classic type. I know there is much work to be done but am so pleased to finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan.
FYI – Dr. Audren is highly trained in this field of chiropractic neurology and rehabilitation and studied under Dr. Ted Carrick – the founder of this approach to rehabilitating the brain. These techniques are not only for concussions and migraines and may be applied to other brain-related impairments.
Thank you, Dr. Audren & your fabulous team!

- K.K.


My symptoms from a concussion were severe and I was losing hope that I could regain a normal life. With Dr. Audren knowledge, enthusiasm, and hard work, I recovered. I will forever be grateful and recommend anyone suffering to make an appointment!
- J.S.

Multiple Concussions – Teen Athlete

We are so thankful to have found Dr. Audren. For years my daughter struggled with the effects of multiple concussions. Dr. Audren helped her significantly to heal and recover. After seeing Dr. Audren I have seen a significant change in my daughter’s attention, focus, handwriting and overall ability to learn. I believe that if we had not found Dr. Audren my daughter would not have been able to continue in sports.

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As an extra bonus we seen great gains in my daughter’s athletic ability after she completed the program. Dr. Audren is extremely knowledgeable and very highly trained. I would very much recommend her to anyone with a concussion or post concussion issues. Thank you, Dr Audren. You change lives!

- A.K.


I have been a patient at Audren Chiropractic Wellness Centre almost since the clinic opened in Medicine Hat. I have used chiropractic as part of my health care regime for 50+ years, but I have found Dr. Audren’s techniques to be so much more effective and comfortable. In August 2021, I fell and suffered a concussion. Traditional medicine did not offer any options. I was aware of the advanced neuro training that Dr. Audren had completed so I consulted her, and she did extensive testing and planned a detailed recovery plan, specific to my needs and symptoms.

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The treatments included chiropractic manipulation as well as such basics as walking, balance, and many computer apps to assess and improve my coordination, thought processes, memory and balance. Each time I go for rehab, the plan for each session has been clearly thought out, according to my responses at the last session. I currently attend weekly for 1/2-hour sessions and occasionally for chiropractic adjustment and re-evaluation.
I am not sure where I would be now without the professional intervention by Dr. Audren and her staff. My vertigo, which initially was a huge problem, is now almost resolved and so most of the focus now is on balance and memory. All the staff are engaging, professional and efficient. Another bonus of attending this clinic is to see so many cute little babies and moms receiving proactive treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Audren for regular chiropractic care and especially for concussion-related issues.

- J.N.

Balance Issues & Past Concussion

I had fluid on my brain appear and I don’t know how or why. It was on my left side which affected my speech and balance. I also had a head concussion many years before this event. I was already going to Dr. Audren for Chiro. Then I heard about this program, and I jumped on board. Since then, I notice I don’t stutter. I don’t get the black emptiness in my brain when I’m trying to describe something. These two symptoms have gone away so much that I don’t notice them anymore.

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The other symptom was my balance, I would walk in either direction. It was really bad that my husband had to hold my hand to make sure I wouldn’t walk out in front of traffic. Now with her program I can balance and put my stocks on. I can walk a fairly straight line without fear of going way out to the left/right. I don’t regret one moment of being in this program. It has and still is helping tremendously. Without people like her I don’t know where I would be!

- C.R.

Neuro-degeneration & Past Concussion/Brain Injury

I am a 77 year old female. After becoming aware that I may have had a concussion or a brain bleed many years ago, and Dr. Audren noticing that my ‘spark’ was diminishing, I decided to work with Dr. Audren in her Concussion program. I have spent about a year (on & off) in the program and had considerable improvement in my balance, enjoyed reading again, and even socializing became more fun. I just feel different on a positive note. I certainly will return to the program (on & off) to keep everything in check. Thanks Dr. Audren.
- E.L.

Adult Suffering From Concussion For Over 12 Years

I had a concussion 13 years ago. I tried everything, spent a lot of money and nothing helped. I gave up looking, but my mom heard of a man that was helped with Functional Neurology. I looked it up and found Dr. Audren in Medicine Hat. I have finally started to feel better. My memory is improving as my wife and kids can attest to. After a long day, I can now play a game and not be totally wrecked.
- D.W.

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