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Medicine Hat Clinical Chiropractic Neurology

Dr. Corissa Audren

Dr. Corissa Audren (right), with Dr. Carrick and inspirational patient, Aiden

A Passion for Healing

At Audren Chiropractic Wellness Centre, Dr. Corissa Audren has completed more than 1000+ hours of extensive training and research studies with the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies and with Dr. Carrick.

Through this training, Dr. Audren has gained experience in Clinical Neuroscience Application Education learning how to help patients with neurological and traumatic brain injuries heal and rehabilitate.

Medicine Hat Complex Neurological Cases

Clinical Neuroscience Applications can offer hope to patients coping with traumatic brain injuries.

Patients with even the most complicated or extreme cases are welcome to come from near and far to take advantage of our Medicine Hat Clinical Neuroscience program. For more information, call (403) 504-9292.


What our Patients Say About This Treatment

Adult Suffering From Concussion For Over 12 Years

I had a concussion 13 years ago. I tried everything, spent a lot of money and nothing helped. I gave up looking, but my mom heard of a man that was helped with Functional Neurology. I looked it up and found Dr. Audren in Medicine Hat. I have finally started to feel better. My memory is improving as my wife and kids can attest to. After a long day, I can now play a game and not be totally wrecked.

~D. W.


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